Secure Web Reporting For Clients

Communicate with your customer instantly, reducing client telephone and email interruptions in order to focus more on debt recovery. is a web service developed and hosted by Cyclone Software which allows the secure exchange of information between your debt recovery system and your client.

Once your clients login to the website, they'll have access to highly desired information within your debt recovery system via a web browser.

Empower your clients to create reports in which they need instantly. Have your clients enter new accounts (individually or as batch files) which are ready to import directly into your collection system. Have them add comments, request to cancel and return accounts, report payments and more. They can even download PDF or Word documents of extensive account information or obtain their generated reports immediately.

The service authorizes your clients only to view and work with their assigned information. This means they cannot view or work with any other information from other customers, debtors or accounts within your debt recovery software.

Using this service your customers can access this information anytime, at their convenience, twenty four hours a day.

Your business benefits with new accounts ready to import into your debt recovery software, therefore reducing employee account entry labor and phone calls, therefore increasing your agencies productivity and revenue.

Empower your customers to..

> Report Direct Payments

> Add new Business/Placements

> Cancel and Return Accounts

> Attach E-Documents to Accounts

> Create/Add Comments to Accounts

> Generate Statistical Reports

> Generate Inventory Reports

> Save Reports as PDF/Word/Excel Files

> Export Debtor Account Details

> View Account Activity

> View Account Payment History

> SAS 70 Type II Compliant Data Center