Plus2 Software Features:

Document Imaging
Scan and attach document images, check images to any debtor account.

New Account Matching
Associate newly entered business accounts with existing accounts automatically using a time
proven method.

Credit Reporting
Metro II and HIPAA compliancy with secure electronic submission to Credit Reporting

Client Reporting
Delight your clients with flexible reporting options built for electronic, paper and web

Legal Documents
Create your own custom-built legal document templates. Debtor data instantly populates your
new or modified templates for legal document production.

Full Featured Remittance – Quickbooks Interface
Net and Gross remittance with archiving. Check printing and check register interfaces are

Support debts with multiple parties. All demographic data is maintained for multiple debtors.
Automatically send notices to multiple parties.

Check Guarantee
Determines items to guarantee and how to fund appropriate clients. Establish criteria and
procedures for guarantee. Plus2 determines when criteria are met; transactions are created to
pay your guarantee clients.

Restricted Mail
Plus2 allows mail to non-restricted states. You determine which states mail is allowed.

Pre-Collection and Commissions
Send out notices and collect debt before hard collection efforts are necessary. Automatically
"roll" accounts to your hard collection department or return the debt to your client after a
specified period of collection.

Follow-Up Notices
Automatically generate time sensitive notices. Customize additional notices that are
generated on a time sensitive basis.

Out Source Billing
Become an outsourced billing office! Complete billing program which allows for automated
notices to be sent (before and after) the schedule due date for payment arrangements.

Client Billing
Create itemized statements for additional client charges. Designed for miscellaneous charges
that fall outside of day-to-day collections. For example, special services, hardware sales,
recurring billings are all supported.

Blitz Processing for Valuable Clients
Select valuable clients! accounts for special collector processing. Specify client, list dates,
amounts, etc. for special handling by your collectors.

Bar Coding
Scan Mail to instantly process and update debtor accounts. Print bar codes on notices for
purposes of tracking mail returns processing payments.

Automated RCK processing customized to you processing vendor.

Performance Driven

  • User Efficient
  • Color-coded Work screens
  • Unlimited Debtor Comments
  • Account Forwarding
  • Customized Demand Notices
  • Payment Processing
  • Complete Debtor History
  • Debtor Payment Plans
  • Automatic Credit Cards
  • Automatic Electronic Check
  • Payment Options
  • Legal Accounting