Plus2 Debt Recovery Software

Plus2 is a
feature rich, debtor-based collection product designed for businesses that can accommodate small offices (as little as two users) to enterprise corporations of virtually and unlimited number of workstations. Multiple accounts and checks are combined into one location to allow the operator to gather all the information for a particular debtor.

Cyclone's standards are maintained throughout the software making a variety of platforms available when using Plus2. Microsoft Windows, OSX, LINUX/UNIX workstations, thin clients can access and work accounts with Plus2. Secure connections are supported and Internet access is available for those employees who reside offsite.

The high-speed network connections provides quick displays as well as allowing multiple sessions per workstation. On the server side - using a powerful Linux/Unix platform produces great reliability and speed for all users. The shared Unix system makes electronic listing from clients a much easier task, allowing the user to e-mail attachments, fax, file transfers and other electronic forms of data.

The Plus2 industry proven menu driven (character based and windows based)
hybrid work screens are easy to use with very little interaction in working accounts - which makes the system...... fast. Utilizing a keystroke to instantly process action, such as sending a demand letter or scanning a return piece of mail from the same workscreen.

Plus2 software will improve business processes and deliver value-added services that reduce costs, increase efficiency, improve customer satisfaction, and be easily modified to assist your organization in new revenue opportunities.

An easy-to-use solution proven in the real world of distressed debt collection from the pioneer in technology based collection systems.

Debt Recovery Software For:

Commercial Businesses
Collection Agencies
Legal Firms
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